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Inspired by grassroots, infused with soul, and born from the indie scene. The sound of PA Line strives to prove that in the current musical world of repetition and catchy leads, music can still hit you in the heart. By combining dedication and raw talent, Trever Stribing (lead vocal/guitar/percussion), Lucas Honig (Vocal/Bass), Griffin Brady (Vocal/Special Percussion) and Pete Caroccio (Electric Violin/Electric Mandolin/Vocals) they have made a unique brand of alternative-folk music, described as True-Grit Americana.

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, PA Line brings a unique, harmony-packed, funky, Folk-Rock, sound, that has been described as Mumford & Sons meets Rusted Root. Touring extensively in 28 states, 4 countries, in 2 continents. Through the U.S., Canada, & the U.K., PA Line is gathering quite the name for themselves.

The name PA Line comes from a simple catchline of the lead singer’s late father, “Peace Always”. A mantra which they carry in their attitude towards the industry and their fans.

After a few incredible opportunities playing large events such as the NYC Marathon, The Great Blue Heron Music Festival, The Big "G" Jam and opening up for acts such as Rusted Root, Iron & Wine, Floodwood, & Rumpke Mountain Boys, extensive tours on the road support their full-length release "Peace Always", and performed Main Stage at Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival, Cobblestone Live!, and Borderland Music Festival

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