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New album, “dENIAL”, is in production!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Though, there is still quite the amount of work to be done, the crew is making headway toward it's release!

With "all hands on deck!" the boys are prepping hard and making strides to release some new content.

“This handpicked collection of songs are some of my favorite displays of who PA LINE is. I cannot wait for you to experience it!” - Trever J Stribing

Please follow the journey right HERE with us! We'll be posting weekly with any updates as we have them!

Why "dENIAL"?

Each song on this album depicts and focuses on an intrusive as well as, at times, distracting thought in which the listener is invited to embody their own attachments to. Yet, with the personal displays represented, we hope to focus the listeners emotions with unforgetable lyrics, singable melodies, and high energy and dancable rhythms!

Have any questions, yourself? We'd LOVE to hear 'em!

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