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Pete Caroccio

Electric Violin. Electric Mandolin. Vocals.

At the age of 3, Pete was caught playing his older sister’s violin. This fascination lead him to start his journey into taking lessons in his hometown of Oswego, NY. Peter grew up playing in Orchestras, including the Syracuse Symphony Youth Orchestra, and had the opportunity to work with the great Michael Kamen. As a teenager, Pete became a front man for a band called Blue Saturn, a band most notable for its drummer: Griffin Brady. Years later, Pete left Oswego to go to college for Engineering at Alfred University. While there he played in the AU Symphonic Orchestra and Jazz ensembles, as well as Low Man’s Lyric string ensemble, Natural Groove, and Pethan, before joining up and touring with Hypnotic Clambake During this time Pete also started building his own electric violins, which evolved into an entire business His passion for electric violin has led to him becoming a renowned expert in the field. You can hear this passion come through in his playing, and you can ask him about the instruments after our shows if you don’t care to be free to go to sleep that night.

After moving to Buffalo Pete played with Jack Mahone, an Irish punk band, where some of our fans have recognized him from. Some of these Irish influences have subtlety carried over into PA LINE, although Pete is more well known for the ambient textures and stylistic solos he brings to the sound of PA LINE

Pete Caroccio
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